Next Generation
Dissolved Air Flotation

Combination of Vortex Particle Removal with DAF and Dual Media Filtration into a single efficient system.


The full unit including vortex, DAF, and dual media filtration requires less space than a sedimentation tank.


Thousands of hours of engineering and development have resulted in a highly reliable and robust product.


Incorporating the various processes into one sleek plug-and-play unit makes the system economically attractive.

Full Process

The feed water/wastewater is first coagulated using a static mixer designed and built in-house. Next, the feed flows into a novel vortex where 100% of particles larger than 100 microns (sand equivalent size) are removed. The feed then enters the DAF contact zone where it is mixed with millions of microbubbles coming from the specially designed air dissolving tube and pressure release nozzles (not shown). In the DAF separation zone, the bubbles and sludge are removed leaving behind relatively clean water. Finally, dual media filtration of anthracite and sand produces a treated product that is crystal clear and free of turbidity.

All of these processes are built into one unique, encompassing, plug-and-play unit.

Each unit is custom-built and engineered specifically based on your needs

Mix and match the system components depending on your feedwater characteristics.

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With professional support staff, our team is ready to meet the next challenge.

Hamid Masumi

Co-Founder &

Entrepreneur with a decade of top-level executive experience

Ali Bazar, PhD

Co-Founder &
Technical Director

Cambridge University educated, Inventor, University Prof